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Get started with creating videos using AI tools:

Understand the basics of video creation:

Before diving into AI tools, it’s important to understand the basics of video creation. This includes learning about the different types of videos, how to plan and storyboard a video, and how to shoot and edit footage. You can find a lot of helpful resources on YouTube itself, such as this tutorial on how to make a video from start to finish.

Learn about AI video creation tools:

There are many AI-powered video creation tools available that can help you create videos quickly and easily. Some popular options include Lumen5, Animoto, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to do your research and find the one that best fits your needs.

Creating a short YouTube video using AI involves a combination of planning, recording, and leveraging AI tools for certain aspects.

Here are the steps to make a short YouTube video using AI:

Step 1: Planning

Define Your Video Concept:

Clearly outline the topic or concept of your video. Determine the key points you want to cover and the overall message you want to convey.


Write a script for your video. It helps in maintaining a structured flow and ensures you cover all the necessary points. AI tools can assist in generating scripts based on your input.

Step 2: Recording

Record the Video:

Use your camera or smartphone to record the video based on your script. Ensure good lighting, clear audio, and a visually appealing setting.

AI-Based Video Editing:

Utilize AI-powered video editing tools to enhance your video. These tools can help with tasks like automatic scene recognition, background removal, and even basic editing tasks.

Step 3: Enhancements

AI-Based Graphics and Animation:

Integrate AI tools for generating graphics, animations, or visual effects to enhance the overall quality of your video. Some tools can automate the creation of engaging visuals.

Automated Transitions:

Use AI tools to add smooth transitions between scenes or segments. This can contribute to a more polished and professional-looking video.

Step 4: Voiceovers and Captions

AI Voiceovers:

If needed, consider using AI-generated voiceovers for narration. Some AI tools can convert text to speech in a natural-sounding manner.

Automated Subtitles: Ensure your video is accessible by adding AI-generated subtitles or captions. This improves viewer engagement and comprehension.

Step 5: Export and Upload

Export the Video:

After finalizing your edits, export the video in a format suitable for uploading to YouTube. Many video editing tools and AI platforms provide export options compatible with YouTube.

Upload to YouTube:

Sign in to your YouTube account and upload your video. Add a compelling title, description, tags, and thumbnail to optimize discoverability.

Step 6: Monitor and Engage

Analytics and Feedback:

Use YouTube analytics to monitor the performance of your video. Pay attention to viewer engagement, watch time, and comments. AI analytics tools can provide insights into audience behavior.

Engage with Viewers:

Respond to comments and engage with your audience. AI tools can help you track and manage comments more efficiently.

Remember to stay informed about the latest AI tools and technologies to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of your video production process.

Here are resources available online where you can learn how to make YouTube videos for free. 


1. YouTube Creators: YouTube itself provides a comprehensive resource for learning the basics of video creation, editing, and channel management. You can find tutorials, tips, and guides on the YouTube Creator Academy channel.

2. Skillshare: offers a variety of online classes, including many focused on video creation and editing. While not all courses are free, they do offer a selection of free classes that can help you get started.

3. Khan Academy: provides free courses on a wide range of subjects, including video production. It’s a great resource for beginners looking to understand the basics.

4. InVideo: is an online video editing tool, and they offer free tutorials and guides on their website to help you learn the basics of video editing.

5. Wondershare Filmora Learning Center: is a popular video editing software, and their Learning Center provides free tutorials and guides on video editing techniques.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Series:If you’re interested in using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe offers a series of tutorials on their website to help you get started with video editing.

7. CyberLink Learning Center: provides tutorials and guides for PowerDirector, another popular video editing software.

Remember, in addition to these online resources, there are also numerous YouTube channels dedicated to teaching video production and editing. Searching for specific topics on YouTube can yield a wealth of free tutorials and tips from experienced creators. Good luck with your YouTube journey!

Start with Free Tutorials


YouTube Creator Academy

Use Online Video Editors with AI:

Several online platforms offer free video editing tools with AI capabilities. One such option is InVideo. Their YouTube video editor uses AI to assist in creating engaging content1.

Explore AI-Powered Video Creation Tools:

Tools like Synthesia are designed for creating AI-powered videos easily. They enable you to make professional videos without the need for cameras or actors2.

Utilize YouTube Studio:

You can create AI-enhanced videos within YouTube’s Studio. Start by creating a video with a voiceover and then add AI-generated elements.

Consider Customizable Templates:

Some platforms, like FlexClip, provide customizable video templates specifically designed for YouTube. These templates can save you time and effort in video creation4.

Add Animated Intros and Shorts:

Platforms like Steve.AI offer options to create animated intros and shorts for your YouTube videos, enhancing their visual appeal5.

Remember to use tutorials and courses to improve your skills. while these tools offer AI assistance for video creation, the quality of your content will still depend on your creativity and storytelling skills. This content was created with AI assistance. Please leave a comment or a question, Thanks!


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