Kindle Create Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide to Formatting Your eBook

Kindle Create is a powerful tool for formatting and preparing eBooks for upload to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of using Kindle Create to format the interior of a sample book, Jane Austen’s timeless classic, “Pride and Prejudice.”

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Download Kindle Create from the official website and install the tool on your computer. Additionally, download the unformatted Microsoft Word version of “Pride and Prejudice” and an image for insertion in the later steps.

Chapter 2: Importing and Formatting
Start Kindle Create and import the sample manuscript file. Kindle Create will automatically find and format the chapter titles. Ensure the chapters are correctly identified and formatted before accepting them. Save your file as a work file in KCB format.

Chapter 3: Adding Front Matter Pages
Kindle Create allows for easy addition of front matter pages such as title page, copyright, and dedication. Simply click the + sign next to the Front Matter section and select the desired page to create a preformatted version.

Chapter 4: Table of Contents and Styling
Add a table of contents (TOC) page, which automatically updates as you add or remove chapters. Kindle Create also allows for the styling of chapter titles, including drop caps and formatting options like indents, spacing, font face, and size.

Chapter 5: Choosing a Theme
Enhance the look and feel of your eBook by applying a theme that automatically updates the layout and font. Experiment with different theme options to find the perfect fit for your book.

Chapter 6: Inserting Images
Learn how to insert and format images within your eBook using Kindle Create. This includes adjusting the size, position, and text wrapping around the inserted image to enhance the visual appeal of your eBook.

7: Adding Hyperlinks

To add hyperlinks to your eBook, open the chapter where you want to insert the hyperlink, highlight the word, right-click, and select “Insert hyperlink” from the menu. Enter the URL and click “Insert hyperlink” to add the hyperlink to the word [1].

8:Adding Back Matter Pages

Adding back matter pages such as “more books by author” is simple with Kindle Create. Click the + sign next to the Backmatter section, select “Books by Author,” fill in the book details, and click “Create Page” to generate a preformatted page with book names and their links to the Amazon store [2].

9. Prepare your book for print

Kindle Create assists in preparing your book for print by handling margins based on the trim size chosen on KDP and controlling widows and orphans for a professional print. It also allows the customization of headers and footers for the print book [2].

10: Preview and export file

After finishing formatting, preview the eBook in Kindle Create to see how it will appear on various devices. Once satisfied, export the file in KPF format for publishing on KDP [3].

By following this tutorial, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Kindle Create and how to utilize its features to prepare your eBooks for publishing on KDP. With detailed instructions and practical examples, you’ll be well-equipped to create professionally formatted eBooks for readers to enjoy.

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